Ashleigh’s IB Theatre Journal

On Wednesday, I started looking through my blog for parts of my TPPP. After consulting with Ms Flood and Kate about which 2 aspects of my Theatre Journey I should focus on, I chose Set Design and My Breakthrough. Two aspects of my journey which relate to everything I have learnt over the two years.

Currently, I have broken down the two aspects, into smaller categories, and have found blog posts for each of them. The smaller categories are;

Set Design – Tartuffe, Multimedia, Online Blog, PowerPoint presentations.

Breakthrough – Tartuffe, Improvisation, Laban, Bunraku, Shakespeare, Animalia Carnivale.

I decided on Set Design as it is something I feel passionate about and I believe it is something I can talk about for quite a while, as my knowledge of set design has made me more aware of many other aspects of Theatre.

I decided on my Breakthrough, as I realised I really have accomplished a lot personally over the course of IB Theatre. Because of Theatre, I now feel more confident and loud, and by talking about my journey through Theatre, I can talk about how it lead me to a breakthrough.

Right now, I only have one major worry, which is the images I will be using for my TPPP. I really have no idea right now, but I guess I will work that out after I have worked out what I’m going to say. Other than that, I guess I’m also worried about the oral’s timing, which is in the middle of Mocks, but I also understand that I have to knuckle down and complete it, and after its done, I won’t have to worry about it ever again!

While I’m excited about Theatre coming to an end, as it is closer to the end of the school year, I’m also a little sad as Theatre is my creative outlet and it will be missed! However, finally, I have began to realise how much I really have learnt from the course and I’m proud to say it will follow me for the rest of my life.


On Monday I finally finished my IPP! Which was a huge relief as I think it was the most difficult assessment task of the year. I found difficulty in recalling details from the performance which was back in March. However, I knuckled down and read the criteria, and read my textbook, both which helped a lot. Interacting with Kate and Ronelle also helped as we shared ideas! The use of photographs also reminded me of what I did during the IPP, and I used these to inspire my writing!

I feel very relieved by the fact I have now completed 3 out of the 4 assessment tasks, and the final one is a week away, which is so exciting, but also sad as my Theatre Journey nearly comes to an end.


Posted on: August 20, 2009

During the week, I have been working on my IPP. Right now, I feel that I am struggling slightly with this, as I have rougly 1800 words, and I feel that I have nothing else to say! Even though I have to make it to 3000. I am hoping to see some sample IPPs shortly, as I feel that will help me gain an idea of what has to be done.

I’m also going to look over the criteria again and make sure I know what I have to cover in order to get a good mark on the IPP. I thought this project would be one of the easier ones as all of the knowledge is in my head already! However, I just have no idea on how to put it to paper.

I’m hoping that by looking at the syllabus and the criteria, that it will give me an idea of what I have to work on.

A date has been set for our final assessment task! Our TPPP! The 18th of September! Which is very exciting but quite soon! Currently I’m not thinking too far ahead and I’m just trying to focus on my IPP. I’m thinking I might research into Theatre practitioners like Brecht and Stanislavski to see how they influenced my Multimedia unit in my IPP.

Last night, we went to an amateur version of Grease put on by a local High School. It was quite hilarious, but unfortunately, mostly for the wrong reasons.  Grease is one of the most known movies in Australia i’d dare say, but I was quite suprised when many of the lines were forgotten. I think they were just either underprepared or had first night nerves.  Even though there were some hiccups, I empathise with the crew, as I know what it feels like to not only have nerves, but for things to go wrong. An example from last night was when the bed head (hiding a table for a bed) fell over. It was fixed, but then fell again. The cast did the right thing by leaving it however.

The play also ran over time, but I think this was due to the amount of time in between scence changes.

As this is an amateur play, there is limited funding, so lights, set design and costumes were all limited. The lighting consisted of basic yellow gels, and spots, occasionally changed with the use of red,  yellow gels and the disco ball.

All of the set designs were hand painted and were made so that they could be easily transported, which was a convenient but effective idea.

Costumes, although basic, gave across the image of school students. However, I believe the most impressive aspect of this performance was props.  Simple objects such as cigarettes and rubbish shaped some of the characters. While, half of a car was used to represent Danny’s (I have been told the car was owned by Knickie, however, in the production the audience was not made aware that the car was owned by Knickie, also, I haven’t actually seen the whole movie version of Grease since I was 4 or so) car, which was also quite effective as it would be impossible to place a real car on a rather small sized Proscenium Arch stage.

I felt this performance would have been more enjoyable for all if the cast weren’t as underprepared, and if they had remembered their lines. However, they did do well for a first night performance and for amatuer actors!

On Wednesday the 7th of August, we travelled to the Regent Theatre in Melbourne to see Wicked! At first, I was a bit skeptical, because I thought musicals were quite cheesy and annoying. However, when we sat in our seats, I began to notice the amazing set design! There was a dragon above the stage, and gears and cog wheels around the stage on the walls.

When the play began, the Dragon lit up and began to move around! I actually found it quite scary. It was a good use of set design to set the tone of the play. As Glinda first appeared on stage, I really grew to dislike her voice and her character, as she appeared quite ditzy and her voice was very high. However, as the play progressed and I began to learn more about her character and her kindness to Elphaba, I began to really enjoy her presence on stage.

I really enjoyed this play but I thought it wouldn’t be particularly good for young children unlike the Wizard of Oz, because there were some moments where I felt uncomfortable watching it. For instance, the mask like human face used by the Wizard to communicate. I found it really loud which added to the scariness of it.

The use of lighting was quite spectacular! The green was so prominent throughout the play, not only in the lighting, but also the set design and the costumes. The use of the gobo to create the illusion of rain was also fantastic and so realistic. I actually thought it could be rain for a moment!

The use of costumes were also good, especially to portray the character’s personalities. For example Glinda was always dressed feminine and she was always portrayed as a sweet, innocent person. This was shown by the light colours in her costumes, and through the use of dresses and skirts. Whereas, Elphaba’s personality became evident by her wearing a green jacket and a skirt. She was always in dark colors, which really portrayed her introverted personality.  One thing I really liked about Elphaba’s costumes was, although they were dark, she never came across as scary or frightening, like she did in the Wicked of Oz.

Even the minor characters’ costumes portrayed their characters. I think for me the highlight was when Bert Newton (who played The Wizard) came onto the stage.  Bert Newton is really well respected and I thought it was so great to see him on stage to play the Wizard.  From watching the performance, it became evident how much money was spent on the production, but I feel the money was put to great use, as the lighting, set design and costumes all contributed something to the performance, whether it be mood, character development or weather!

There were no boring moments in the play which was another thing I really enjoyed. This has been the first play I have truly enjoyed the whole way through! So much that I want to see it again!

Over the past week I have just been finishing off my RI by completing the bibliography and the critique. It was a tedious task, however it helped me realise the importance of sources, and how authentic they are. As some of my sources were more authentic than others. The critique also helped me realised the long journey that I have travelled on from the beginning of my RI until the end. My knowledge of Problem Plays has increased and I am now more aware of different styles of theatre.

Now I’m starting my IPP, which will be another long journey which will conclude with the TPPP! Very exciting times ahead! Also we are going to see: Wicked, Knives in Hens, Pericles and Grease, so there will be some news on them soon!




Due to the Queen’s Birthday public holiday and the GAT test, we only had one double period of theatre this week, which was unfortunate as I was hoping to get a lot done on my PPP. So during the double period on Wednesday, I googled for many templates for my characters. The majority of them came from a colouring in website, where you just print and colour. I chose to use templates as I felt my drawing skills wouldn’t be able to express how my characters should look, however, I was able to express my colour choices through the colours I used while colouring the templates in. So, after trying to print them at least 4 times (the stupid printers weren’t working), Ms Flood did me a huge favour and printed them for me. I spent the rest of the week, up until last night colouring in 19 images which will be the characters in my play, which is yet to have a title.

I began writing the pitch for my PPP by looking at the pitches I wrote last year. These have helped me understand what I need to do for the pitch. Once I finalise the set designs and things such as lighting and sound, I will be able to add to my pitch. This week, I am hoping to draw the set design and work out lighting, sound and hopefully a storyboard! I’m loving the PPP as it’s my own creation, and there’s no budget so it can be as elaborate and out there as I want it to be!

  • Sian Clarke: Hello Ash. I'm the girl who played Rizzo on the Thursday night performance of "Grease" I'm sad to hear that you didn't enjoy it all that much,
  • Mrs Anketell: It sounds absolutely beautiful.
  • spiraltic: hey there, I'm taking IBHL theater right now...and I'm also doing a research investigation on you think you can point me in the right dir